Got Worms?

 So ya wanna start a worm farm? Awesome!

Mother Nature takes 500 to 1,000 years to produce one inch of topsoil or humus (mostly dependent on moisture and temperature).  In a forest system, earthworms under a stand of trees, can produce an inch of humus in 5 years.  But, the ‘domesticated’ red wriggler (in densities of 1K to 5K or 1 to 5 pounds per ft3), can turn over inches of humus in just one season!

Red worms (producing vermicastings) in your garden aerate the soil, faciliate deep watering, buffer pH, and concentrate trace minerals making it unneccessary to till your garden.

Other Benefits of Vermicomposting:

  • ž  Close loop in your waste stream
  • ž  Reduce garbage costs
  • ž  Free fertilizer
  • ž  Reduces GHG emissions (CO2 but more importantly CH4)
  • ž  Turn your brown thumb green!
  • ž  Apartment-friendly  composting
  • ž  Education

IMG_0404                           IMG_0386


 A rind is a terrible thing to waste. Compost.  Waste is a terrible thing to mind. Recycle.

“All the fertile areas of this planet have at least once passed through the bodies of earthworms”  -Charles Darwin

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  1. Lattina says:

    Thank you so much for sending me the info and handouts from the class (was it 3/29? my days are mixed up.) I was so sorry I missed your class and I have another class on the day of your next offering. This is great info. I have had worms for a year and learn something new every time I read an article or take a class.

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