Tour de Coop

Some photos of friends’ coops…

tracys coop

Tracy’s Coop, Eldorado, WI


Interior of our coop at Rancho de Pollo, Lafayette, CO


Barbara’s predator-proof coop, Lafayette, CO

IMG_2380 - Copy

the interior…

Miss Mary's bitches coop

Highlands, Denver

Highlands, Denver


Ben’s alley coop for Diana Ross and the Supremes, Denver, CO


Nate’s Mom’s trailer coop, Fond du Lac, WI


Roomy interior…

Celina and Nicole's coop, Wheat Ridge, CO

Erika's Barn-Coop, Kiowa, CO

Erika’s Barn-Coop, Kiowa, CO

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    TRae, this website is AMAZING! A+, great job. #rockstarfarmers

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