Lots ‘0’ Permaculture Courses  in 2018!

Homesteaders Permaculture Design Course (PDC)

Missoula, Montana – June 24 – July 7, 2018

Appropriate Technology Course (ATC)

Missoula, Montana – July 9 – July 20, 2018

Peasant Permaculture Design Course (PDC)

Missoula, Montana – May 22- June 21, 2018

Intro to Permaculture, Denver Botanic Gardens

Saturday Feb 10, 2018; 9-4pm

Boulder Thru-the-Seasons Permaculture Design Course 2018

Boulder County – April thru Oct 2018

Pikes Peak Permaculture Thru the Seasons PDC 2018

Colorado Springs – March thru October 2018

Denver Permaculture Design Course

Denver – Oct 2017 thru April 2018

All-Women Teachers Online Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) 2018

Online – Coming in March 2018


2017 Home Grown Food Summit

Tara Rae Kent – Worm Composting Demystified

2017 Thru-the-Seasons PDC in Boulder

Permaculture Design Certification Colorado


2017 Permaculture Design Certificate in Manitou Springs


Register: http://www.pikespeakpermaculture.org/events/permaculture-design-certification/

All About Compost Workshop, 19 November 2016

November Skill-Building Workshop: All About Compost

Denver Permaculture 2nd Annual Confluence 7-9 Oct 2016

2nd Annual Confluence: Life on The Edge

North American Permaculture Convergence, 14-18 September 2016



Plants & Permaculture in the City Meetup

::Plants & Permaculture in the City::

Wednesday, Sep 7, 2016, 6:30 PM

Carbon Beverage Cafe
1553 Platte St, Denver, CO 80202 Denver, CO

5 Mountain Collaborators Went

Hi Pachas,For all the ladies that weren’t able to come to our Foraging & Fires camping trip, we are going to have a plant identification & permaculture class in the city!On Wednesday September 7th, we will be led by Tara Rae on a short hike along the Platte River identifying different Colorado plants. We will then head back to our favorite locati…

Check out this Meetup →

Sunrise Ranch PDC


Sunrise PDC Flier! (4)

Sonic Bloom Permaculture Academy

sonic bloom 2016


DENVER’S Permaculture Action Day with The Polish Ambassador

Friday Oct 23, show at the Filmore

Saturday Oct 24, 10am at Sustainability Park

Permaculture Action Network


TPA oct 24

ARISE Music Festival


 At Sunrise Ranch, home of one of the oldest CO Food Forests (almost 30 yr) ….Then  a Permaculture Action Day with The Polish Ambassador and a group of 150 activists.     http://thepolishambassador.com/


Mimosa’s on Meade Plant Exchange – Save the Date and Plant Your Seed!

Sat 16 May 2015, 9-12pm. Bring starter plant, established plants from your home, garden, or store, or whatever home and garden items you would like to exchange.  Leave what you bring, take what you want.  Light breakfast and mimosas will be served.  Please feel free to invite and bring family and friends, plenty of room for all! Contact me for address and RSVP.

“Regenerative Watershed: From Plumbing to Policy” With Brad Lancaster

Thur 28May2015. This will be epic, Denver.


2015 Convergence is upon us

Register now: http://www.coloradopermaculture.com/events/

CO Pc converg

Sustain Arvada Festival, Sat 9 May 2015, Run a marathon, drink, get crafty and stop by, show your support, pet a goat


sustain Festival 2015

Meade Street Market, Saturday 25 April 2015

meade st sale

Lots of upcoming classes, courses, and fundraising events…

The launch of Rockies Edge Permaculture!


Perm event

We are crowd funding to raise money for the Scholarship fund…Please donate now and help someone on their Permaculture journey!  http://www.gofundme.com/lk2gt4

Compost Workshop, 3 May 2015

Gardening and Animal Keeping

COmpost_May3 2015


Classes at Denver Urban Homesteading

Intro to Pc DUH 2015

Worms_DUH Feb 2015

Intro to Pc DUH2 2015

Intro to Pc DUH2_ 2015

Worms_DUH Mar 2015

Help finish up the Geodesic Dome build!  Sun 16 Nov 10-4pm

geo dome build

Monthly Natural City Builder’s Guild potluck

NCB Oct22 meeting

Hoedown Season starts again…FruitJar Series, Front Range Urban Inter-Tavern Jamboree Revival 


 Autumn Barn Dance via the Living Arts School, Fri 14Nov http://www.livingartsschool.com/register/?ee=154

autumn barn dance 2014

I’m talking Compost at the next Boulder Bioneers Conference, Nov 7-9


Bioneers 2015

Geodesic Dome Build this weekend with Avery and Mike

Geodesic Buil_Oct 11 12

Denver Village Building Design Course



5 garden weeds you can eat


Skål Farm Cooperative Saturday Markets, 3-5pm


*I’m selling soaps, plants, and more, come check it out!

Barn Dance via Living Arts School, July 25, 7-9pm


barn dance_july 25

Compost Open House at Tararae’s

Monday 17 June and Tuesday 24 June, 2014; 6-8pm

Contact me for directions.

First North American Permaculture Convergence

pc convergence Aug 2014


Yearly Plant Exchange!

mimosas on meade_2014

Sustain Arvada Festival – our urban agriculture booths were popular: http://arvadapress.com/stories/Team-spirit,153943?

Kristen_Sustain arvada

Kelly, Tararae and Peacock

Kelly, Tararae and Peacock

Rupert, new chicken pup

Rupert, new chicken pup

Folk Dance this Friday!!!


Folk Dance_MAr 2014

SEED SWAP this weekend! Sunday February 23…Contact me for directions.

seed swap






Join us at the Sidewinder for drinks and dancing!

fat hursday cajun sidewinder

Fruit Jar series

The dance is the music – L.R. Watkins, “Turning Famous”

Bioneers Conference this weekend!

Bioneers conf


“People who force nature force themselves.  When we grow only wheat, we become dough.  If we seek only money, we become brass; and if we stay in the childhood of team sports, we become a stuffed leather ball.  Beware the monoculturist, in religion, health, farm, or factory.  He is driven mad by boredom, and can create war and try to assert power, because he is in fact, powerless.

To become a complete person, we must travel many paths, and to truly own anything we must first give it all away.  This is not a riddle.  Only those who share their multiple and varied skills, true friendships, and a sense of community and knowledge of the earth know they are safe wherever they go.

There are plenty of fights and adventures to hand: the fight against cold, hungry, poverty, ignorance, overpopulation and greed; adventures in friendship, humanity, applied ecology, and sophisticated design – which would be a far better life than you may be living now, and which would mean a life for our children.

There is no other path for us than that of cooperative productivity and community responsibility.  Take that path, and it will change your life in ways you cannot yet imagine.”

– Bill Mollison

Taken at 63rd St. Farm, Boulder, CO

63rd St. Farm, Boulder, CO

Always remember, the best things in life…are not things.  And the more you know, the less you need.

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  1. Claude Cote' says:

    Nice galleries. Very clean looking site.

    Most of My problems arise whenever I start getting too complex and then I need to trim the fat so to speak. What template are you using? I really like that the photos in the header change whenever you go to a new page.

    P.S. I Love that you have a link to Lo Phi right on the home page! 😀 I miss my Fond Du Lac / Madtown family!

  2. Thank you for your resource! I really like what you’re writing here.

  3. William Nettelhorst says:

    We are sitting here with this marvelous man, your father, that would be Larry about to have dinner. He has introduced us to your website. Nice! He has not decided to introduce us yet. That time will come. Jokes! I get to hear a lot about what you do and your life. We share time at my man barn. Your life is so interesting and flows with the beat of my life. I’m anxious for you to see the gardening that we are doing. I would love to hear your take on it and advice how we could improve or expand the depth of our experience. It would just be fun to hang out with you and talk.
    Bill and Pam

    • tararae says:

      Thanks! I look forward to meeting you and seeing your gardens and bees…and thank you for the honey, it has paried well with the fruit of my lemon tree as a nice fall tea.

  4. Tracy McDermott says:

    Wow! We just sat with your page and looked thru, and we are so proud!!! Keep up the good work and keep diggin’!! big-big luv from the Dermies!

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